Welcome to the virtual home of the Graduate Program in Geography at York University in Toronto. If you plan to apply to the program, you will find much of the information that you need on this website. Should you require further assistance, you may contact the Graduate Program Director Patricia Wood or the Graduate Program Assistant Yvonne Yim . We look forward to hearing from you!

York University is a diverse and dynamic place with many collaborative research, teaching, and extracurricular opportunities for graduate students. The geography department is renowned for its collegiality, productivity, and critical scholarship. In our graduate program you will be taught by faculty members who are leading national and international scholars in geographical fields including immigration and refugee studies; urban geographies; political economy and political ecology; and the physical geographies of northern and desert environments.  We pride ourselves on the support we provide for field-based research, including for students in our MA and MSc programs, as well as the training we provide our graduate students in professional activities including field research, publishing, and presentations.