Geography Careers

The careers pursued by graduates from our program reflect the diversity of our program, and span public and private sectors.  Our MA and MSc graduates use their training to find work in areas that build on the topics in which they specialized during their graduate program at York.  As shown in the list of some of our alumni on our website, examples of fields and organizations where our graduate work include environmental policy, immigrant and refugee service, sustainable tourism, public sector position including in ministries of labour and development, peace organizations, college teaching, and city councilor.  Many of our Masters degree graduates also go on to PhD programs, in geography or in related disciplines such as environmental studies, history, health and more.

The alumni list for our PhD graduates show that they are employed in both academic and non-academic positions.  Non-academic jobs include union organizer, conservation researcher, and director of a peace organization.  Our PhD graduates have been particularly successful in finding academic positions, including postdoctoral fellowships and jobs as professors, in Canada and around the world.  Among our recent graduates are a Canada Research Chair in Critical Border Studies, a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, and a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biodiversity and Security.  Our graduates have full time academic positions in universities and colleges including University of Toronto, Ryerson, United Arab Emirates, York, Carlton, Brock, Seneca, Queens, Melbourne, California State University, Metropolitan State University Denver, Florida State University, Australian National University, and Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island.