International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School

Beyond Neoliberal Development: Thinking Economy Otherwise

Guest Instructor:

Suzanne Bergeron
Helen M. Graves Collegiate Professor
Women’s Studies and Social Sciences
University of Michigan Dearborn

Course Duration:

June 4 – 15, 2018




10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Course Code:

ENVS 6275 /GEOG 5395 /POLS 6282

Application deadline:

April 2nd, 2018

Course Description

As global development has become increasingly corporatized, its solutions to poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation are often presented as if the aims of development and business overlap. As a consequence, social justice issues related to development goals get framed though a “business case” lens that is focused on achieving capitalist efficiency, profitability, and growth. For example, gender equity programs now revolve around unleashing women’s “untapped potential” for the capitalist market; environmental sustainability projects stress goals of efficiency and profitability; and anti-poverty projects make individual self-reliance and entrepreneurship their cornerstones – while presenting market-led development as the only alternative. This course critically examines these corporatized projects of development, and provides ways of thinking about the economy outside of the neoliberal frame. The course will interweave theoretical work on working within and against neoliberal and corporatized development for social change, in-depth case studies of corporatized development projects and resistances, and a range of alternative frameworks such as feminist economics, social and solidarity economics, diverse economies approaches, ecological economics, buen vivir, and more.

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