Student Achievements

Since January 2015, the following students have successfully defended their theses and research papers.

Major Achievements

Who What
Warren BernauerPhDExtractive Hegemony in the Arctic: Energy Resources and Political Conflict in Nunavut, 1970-2017.
Paul BockingPhDUnderstanding the Neoliberalization of Education through Spaces of Labour Autonomy.
Robert BridiPhDThe Political-Economy of Science and (Bio)Technology; The Emergence of Agricultural Biotechnology in Canada.
Chris ChancoMADiaspora Solidarities: Refugees, human rights, and the Jewish labour committee of Canada, 1936-1967.
Robert FiedlerPhDRethinking Toronto's Middle Landscape: Spaces of Planning, Contestation, and Negotiation
Michael FraschettiMAWhite Nepotism: Interrogating “Corporate Culture” in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area Labour Market
Aditi GuptaMScCreating Tallgrass Prairie Pollinator Corridors Using Geographic Information Systems in Norfolk County, Ontario
Ryan HackettPhDPetro-Power and Progressive Permutations: Conservation Offsets, Oil Sands, and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation
Francis MasséPhDSecuring Conservation: The Politics of Anti-Poaching and Conservation Law Enforcement in Mozambique
Renée McWhirterMAConservation, Consumption, and Livelihoods: Contradictions in conservation projects and audiences in Veitnam.
Crystal MelvilleMAA TTC Commuter's passage: Governing and commodifying youth citizenship in Toronto, Ontario
Amelia MerharMAMoving Home: The Art and Embodiment of Transience among Youth Emerging from Canada's Child Welfare System.
Alison MilanMScLand cover and river systems: Impacts of suburban residential development on channel stability and water supply, Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario
Harrison MoghaddamMScSpatial and Temporal Morphological Change in Canadian Boreal Forests
Colin O'NeilMAProtecting the Peel: Environmental conservation in the age of First Nations self-government, An examination of conservation in Yukon’s Peel Watershed
Hassan NimaMAMuslims in Toronto: Mosques, Media, and Geopolitics.
Andrew PaulMA'With the Salween Peace Park, We Can Survive as a Nation': Karen Environmental Relations and the Politics of an Indigenous Conservation Project.
Harold ScheffelMScThe Hydrology of a Sandur-Wetland in a Volcanic Environment, Southeast Iceland.
Laura SchoenbergerPhDRuptures in living in and knowing land grab in Cambodia
Lee WaddingtonMAIs Coal Still Our Life? Working-Class Men, Masculinities, and Memories of Deindustrialization in a South Yorkshire Coal Mining Borough, 1984-1994 
Kyle WagnerMAConservation in Focus: Capturing the Payments for Ecosystem Service (PES) Scheme through Ecotourism and Camera-Traps in Laos.
Victoria WatsonMAPerceptions of Water among the Inuit Community in Iqaluit, Nunavut: An Anti-Colonialist, Feminist Political Ecology.
Megan YoudelisPhDPost-Politicization of Participation in Neoliberal Conservation: Cases from Canada and Thailand.

Other Good News

Who What
Thomas McCarthyMANathanson Fellowship 2018
Mark TherienMAGraduate Fellowship for Academic Distinction, 2018-2019
Amardeep KaurPhD2018 Susan Mann Dissertation Scholarship
Rae RosenbergPhDProvost Dissertation Scholarship
Kyle WittmaierMAEnbridge Graduate Student Award
Rachael BakerPhDMartin Cohnsteadt Award for Studies in Non-Violence- Awarded by York University Faculty of Graduate Studies
Bryan MarkPhD2018 Ross Hunter Paterson Award
Colin SutherlandPhDSSHRC Doctoral Fellowships 2018
Rae RosenbergPhDSSHRC Doctoral Fellowships 2018
Amy DruyMACanada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s 2018
Bryan MarkMACanada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s 2018
Aida AfrazehPhDOGS 2018
Carley MacKayPhDOGS 2018
Yolanda WeimaPhDOGS 2018
Biftu YousufPhDOGS 2018
Francis MasséPhDPost-Doctoral Researcher position at the University of Sheffield on the BIOSEC project 2018-2020
Yolanda WeimaPhD2017-2018: Visiting graduate student position at the School of Geography at Oxford University.