Our graduate students have excelled in many fields and continue to widen their expertise. Below are lists of our graduate students and their research topics:

PhD Program

PhD Students

NameResearch Topic
Aida Afrazeh
Sarah AllenUrban Water Security: Responding to an Urbanizing Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Pelin AsciMaking and Contesting Space in Istanbul: The Global City in Progress
Tewodros AsfawEthiopia: Exploring the impact of the Kifle Hager and the Killil spatial systems on people of mixed ethnolinguistic groups.
Olalekan BalogunLong-term Response of the Carbon Dynamics in the Hudson Bay Lowlands to Climate Change
Emile Baril
Linn Biorklund
Vivien Bediako
Kenneth CardenasCapitalist Class Transformations and Urban Fictional Commodities in the 21st Century Philippines.
Anita Castelino
Kristen ColemanInvestigating Variability in Lake Response to Permafrost Thaw in Southern NT
Kathryn DennlerUncertain Future, Unsettled Present?: Emotional Geographies of Migrants with Liminal Status in Toronto, Canada
Daniel EvansFan Spectatorship and the Labour of English Football - Ownership as Community Building
Leora GansworthCartographies of Entangled Value Systems: Eels as Teachers
Chaya GoPolitical Ecology of Disaster Response in the Philippines.
Julian Gutierrez CastanoForced Displacement and Racialization; The Colombian Experience
Devin HoltermanThe Intersections of Conservation and Extraction in Tanzania
Mantha Katsikana
Amardeep KaurSubaltern Cosmopolitanisms: Place-making and Translocal Spaces in Sikh Diaspora across Hong Kong, Vancouver and Toronto
Maryam Lashkari
Amanda Little
Mallory MacDonnell
Carley MacKayFrom Caring to Killing: Understandings, Practices, and Relations of Humane Beef Production.
Marzena Marosz-WantuchThin Ice and Polynyas: Detection and Analysis of Their Spatio-Temporal Variability in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, 2002-2016
Wendy Medina De LoeraRural Livelihoods in Contemporary South Sulawesi
Carli Melo
Rupinder MinhasWorkers' and Peasants' Politics in Contemporary India
Rita NketiahHere and There: Transnationalism among Second-generation Ghanaian-Canadian Youth
Myriam Ouellet
Chan Parekh
Jarren RichardsIndustrialization and Uneven Development in Odisha, India
Kimberly RobertsThe Working of Resource Frontiers in Myanmar
Erin RoseA (neo)liberal Mosaic: Multiculturalism Discourse in Canada 1960 to 2015
Tahmid Rouf
Terence RudophNo Indemnity: Refugees and Resilient Supply Chains
Hiba Sha'ath
Colin SutherlandPyrogeographies in context: Geographies of wildfire knowledge in Canada
Edward ThomasRemembering the Forgotten: In Search of Jamaican Farm Workers Post Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers' Program
Josh Watterton
Yoanda WeimaPeace, Development and Durable Solutions: The Experiences of Burundian Border-Crossers and Border com
Biftu Yousuf

MA Program

MA Students

NameResearch Topic
Kasra Babashahiashtiani
Jonathan De IuliisGendered Perceptions of Place: An Evaluation of York University's Keele Campus Through the Lens of Personal Safety.
Amy DruryGeographies of Syrian Settlement, Integration and Isolation in Southern Ontario
Peter Duker
Denise GonzalezThe Case of making Room in Parkdale
Raphael Guibault
Hazel DizonThe occupy movement, rights and property, and housing take-overs in the Philippines
Rebecca Gasman
Caroline HillResidents' experience of policing in the Atkinson Housing Cooperative: Race, Space, and Class.
Clarence MagpantayThe call to the Filipino diaspora: Local development through transnational practices.
Cindy MaharajSpaces of socioeconomic mobility? Educational trajectories and employment outcomes among the children of Caribbean caregivers in Toronto.
Bryan MarkWorth the wait and hype? Gentrification, anxiety, and the hipster geographies of boutique ice cream
Fabian MayerRouted in place?: The decline of intercity bus service in Northern British Columbia.
Sarah Mehain
Thomas McCarthyThe Lakes of Wrath: Anticipatory Geographies for the Great Lakes Region.
Sean Oderkirk
Mark TherienFrom Haiti to Canada and the Migration that Binds.
Shoukia Van BeekBlackfoot, Buffalo, and the Border: Sentient Landscapes and Sovereignty
Kyle WittmaierHow applicable is the Lake Simcoe watershed planning framework within other contexts in Ontario? A case study approach.

MSc Program

MSc Students

NameResearch Topic
Aiesha AggarwalBypassing Barriers: Surface-groundwater exchange between a wetland, sandur, and lava field in Southeastern Iceland.
Devin AliCarbon Dynamics in Lichen Dominated Systems
Bradley AugerA paleolimnological approach to assessing present-day lake ecosystem sensitivity to thawing permafrost.
Marissa ChaseQuantifying Precipitation Event Influences on Stream Geometry from UAV Imagery
Pham Do
Mandy Huynh
Farahnaz Fazel RastgarAn Assessment of Global Climate Model Circulation Dynamics over the Hudson Bay Region
Grace HoskinCladoceran Subfossils as Indicators of Ecosystem Responses to Multiple Stressors in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands of Southern Ontario (Canada)
Januja JeyarajahAssessing Past Trends in Cladoceran Species Assemblages in Lake Scugog.
Ratiba MunirThermodynamic Impact of North Atlantic Oscillation(nao) on Hudson Bay Sea Ice Extent (Sie).
Elizabeth PereraHydrology and surface climatology of Icelandic small, drained, patchy wetlands.
Ajay PersaudPaleo-ecotoxicology of Yellowknife (NWT) lakes impacted by historic gold mining activities.
Katerina SofosRainfall Interception: Responses with Lichen Canopies along the Hudson Bay Lowlands of Churchill, Manitoba
Wesley Wu