Recent Theses and Dissertations

The following is a list of recent dissertations and theses completed at York Graduate Geography.

2016-2019 Completed Ph.D. Dissertations


Akbar, MarshiaDoes Workplace Matter? Identities and Experiences of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women Operating Business in Toronto
Rachael BakerRacial capitalism and claims to space in post-bankruptcy Detroit
Warren BernauerExtractive Hegemony in the Arctic: Energy Resources and Political Conflict in Nunavut, 1970-2017,
Bridi, RobertThe Political-Economy of Science and (Bio)Technology; The Emergence of Agricultural Biotechnology in Canada.
Bocking, PaulUnderstanding the Neoliberalization of Education through Spaces of Labour Autonomy.
Brogan, PeterOur Union, Our City: Urban Change and Rank and File Rebellion in Chicago and New York City
Dennler, KathrynUncertain Future, Unsettled Present? Everyday Geographies of Precarious Immigration Status in Toronto, Canada.
Dupej, SusanAn Everyday Approach to Agritourism Production in Southern Ontario
Fiedler, RobertRethinking Toronto's Middle Landscape: Spaces of Planning, Contestation, and Negotiation
Hackett, RyanPetro-Power and Progressive Permutations: Conservation Offsets, Oil Sands, and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation
Massé, FrancisSecuring Conservation: The Politics of Anti-Poaching and Conservation Law Enforcement in Mozambique
Rose, JanineImmigrant Identities and Geographies of Belonging: Jamaican Immigrant Organizations in Toronto.
Rosenberg, RaeYoung, Queer, and on the Streets: Homeless LGBTQ2 Youth in Toronto's Gay Village
Schoenberger, LauraRuptures in Living in and Knowing the Land Grab in Cambodia
Sotomayor Melo, DiegoDirect and Indirect Consequences of Dominant Plants in Arid Environments
Thomas, Edward'Forgetting' Farmworkers: Transnational Experiences of Black Jamaicans 'Retired' from Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.
Youdelis, MeganPost-Politicization of Participation in Neoliberal Conservation: Cases from Canada and Thailand.

2016-2019 Completed M.A. and M.Sc. Theses/Major Papers

Theses and Major Research Papers

Name Title
Chanco, ChrisMADiaspora Solidarities: Refugees, human rights, and the Jewish labour committee of Canada, 1936-1967.
De Iuliis, JonathanMAGendered Perceptions of Place on York University's Keele Campus through a Lens of Personal Safety.
Dovaston, SarahMAFood Purchasing Behaviours of Youth in Northern Thailand
Fraschetti, MichaelMAWhite Nepotism: Interrogating “Corporate Culture” in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area Labour Market
Gonzalez, DeniseMAInclusive creativity through community arts: A case study of making room in Parkdale.
Gupta, AditiMScCreating Tallgrass Prairie Pollinator Corridors Using Geographic Information Systems in Norfolk County, Ontario
McLeod, DeniseMA“The Land of Wood and Water”? Jamaican Landscapes in Post-Colonial Caribbean Literature.
McWhirter, RenéeMAConservation, Consumption, and Livelihoods: Contradictions in conservation projects and audiences in Vietnam
Merhar, AmeliaMAMoving Home: The Art and Embodiment of Transience among Youth Emerging from Canada's Child Welfare System
Milan, AlisonMScLand cover and river systems: Impacts of suburban residential development on channel stability and water supply, Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario
Melville, CrystalMAA TTC Commuter's passage: Governing and commodifying youth citizenship in Toronto, Ontario
Moghaddam, HarrisonMScSpatial and Temporal Morphological Change in Canadian Boreal Forests
O'Neil, ColinMAProtecting the Peel: Environmental conservation in the age of First Nations self-government, An examination of conservation in Yukon’s Peel Watershed
Nima, HassanMAMuslims in Toronto: Mosques, Media, and Geopolitics.
Pang, GuanglongMAStudying Abroad: Social Mobility or Social Reproduction? Examining the Strategies of Chinese International Students in Toronto.
Paul, AndrewMA'With the Salween Peace Park, We Can Survive as a Nation': Karen Environmental Relations and the Politics of an Indigenous Conservation Project.
Rouf, TahmidMAToronto’s Bangla Town and the Employment and Educational Experiences of Bangladeshi-Canadian Youth.
Scheffel, HaroldMScThe Hydrology of a Sandur-Wetland in a Volcanic Environment, Southeast Iceland
Waddington, LeeMAIs Coal Still Our Life? Working-Class Men, Masculinities, and Memories of Deindustrialization in a South Yorkshire Coal Mining Borough, 1984-1994 
Wagner, KyleMAConservation in Focus: Capturing the Payments for Ecosystem Service (PES) Scheme through Ecotourism and Camera-Traps in Laos
Watson, VictoriaMAPerceptions of Water among the Inuit Community in Iqaluit, Nunavut: An Anti-Colonialist, Feminist Political Ecology

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