Research Projects

Queering Canadian suburbs: LGBTQ2S place-making outside of central cities.

Addresses key knowledge gaps regarding the lives, service needs, and place-making practices of suburban Canadian LGBTQ2S (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and Two-Spirit) populations in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Investigator: Alison Bain
Term: 2016-2020

Subalterity, public education, and welfare cities: Comparing the experience of displaced migrants in three cities [Havana, Toronto, Kolkata]

Historically traces the geopolitical impacts on cities and schools through questions of conflict and displacement in Havana, Toronto and Kolkata.

Investigators: Ranu Basu
Term: 2015-2020

Neoliberal industrialization, the rural periphery, and uneven development in India.

Examinee how India's neoliberal-capitalist industrialization causes new forms of class inequality and new forms of geographically uneven development.

Investigator: Raju Das
Term: 2016-2020

Water in the city: Community Participation and Water Access in Southeast Asian Cities

Investigators: Lisa Drummond, with Amrita Danieère (UofT, PI)
Agency: SSHRC
Term: 2012-2017

Major Collaborative Research Initiative, Global Suburbanisms: Governance, Land and Infrastructure in the 21st Century

Investigators: Roger Keil (PI) with Robin Bloch, Lisa Drummond, Pierre Filion, Jill Grant, Shubhra Gururani, Pierre Hamel, Richard Harris, Sonia Hirt, Paul Knox, Ute Lehrer, Zhigang Li, Alan Mabin, Jochen Monstadt, Jan Nijman, Jamie Peck, Nicholas Phelps, Rob Shields, Benjamin Solomon, Fulong Wu, Elvin Wyly, Douglas Young); $2,500,000.
Term: 2010-2017

Canada-Philippines Alternative Transnational Economies

Explores the ways in which non-capitalist economic transactions and practices link Canada and the Philippines through networks forged by transnational migrants. MA and PhD students will benefit from a team of collaborating researchers in Toronto, Vancouver and Manila, and fieldwork opportunities in both countries.

Investigator: Philip Kelly
Term: 2015-2019

Multiple stressors and long-term environmental change in Canadian lakes.

Investigates long-term environmental change in lakes, including the effects of permafrost thaw or legacy contamination from mining activities in the Northwest Territories, and disentangling the effects of multiple stressors (shoreline development, food web shifts) on urban lakes in southern Ontario.

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Korosi

Canadian Conservation in Global Context (CCGC): Intersections with Asia and Africa

Agency: SSHRC
Principal Investigators: Libby Lunstrum, Robin Roth
Term: 2014-2019

Canadian Conservation in Global Context (CCGC): Intersections with Asia and Africa

Examines the politics of Canada's changing conservation landscape and places it in global comparative context with my long term research sites in sub-Saharan Africa and Robin Roth's long term research sites in Southeast Asia.  In addition, the project is examining the between conservation and security and/or militarization.  Graduate York Geography student Participants include:  Colin Sutherland (PhD), Francis Massé (PhD), Megan Youdelis (PhD), Colin O'Neil (MA); Faculty participants include Peter Vandergeest as collaborator.

Principal Investigator: Libby Lunstrum
Term: 2013-2019

Spaces of labour in moments of urban populism

Explores labour's response to and role in shaping urban populism in four North American cities and will involve students as part of the research team. Faculty contact:

Investigators: Steven Tufts
Term:  2015-2021

New Directions in Environmental Governance: Remaking public and private authority in Southeast Asian resource frontiers

Investigators: (PI): Peter Vandergeest; (Co-investigators): Robin Roth, Melissa Marschke (University of Ottawa); (Collaborators): Chusak Wittayapak (Chiang Mai University), Keith Barney (Australian National University), Simon Bush (Wageningen University), Derek A. Hall (Wilfrid Laurier University), Sing Lyu (Yunnan University)
Agency:  SSHRC Insight Grant
Term:  2015-2020

New Directions in Environmental Governance: Remaking Public and Private authority in Southeast Asian Resource Frontiers.

Explores the effects of new environmental governance mechanisms in Southeast Asia through fieldwork-based research of diverse programs and projects, and involves a network of researchers in Southeast Asia, the Netherlands, and Australia.   York geography student participants include Kim Roberts (PhD), Laura Schoenberger PhD), Kyle Wagner (MA), and Renee McWhirter (MA).

InvestigatorPeter Vandergeest

Freshwater resources of the Eastern Canadian Arctic: quantity, quality and indicators of ecological change.

Investigators: P.I. W.F. Vincent, University of Quebec
Co-Investigators: Kathy Young and others
Agency: NCE-ArcticNet
Awards: $ 384,240, March 2008
Term: 2011-2014, renewal pending to 2017

High Arctic hydrological, landscape and ecosystem responses to climate change: integrated watershed research and modelling at the Cape Bounty Arctic watershed observatory: Melville Island.

Principle Investigators: Scott Lamoureux and Melissa Lafreniere, Queen’s University
Co-Investigators: Kathy Young and others
Agency: NCE-ArcticNet
Awards: $333,480
Term: 2011-2014, renewal pending to 2017

The Impact of Volcanic Ash on the Hydrology of Arctic Landscapes, Iceland.

Evaluates the impact of tephra (dust and volcanic ash) on the hydrologic dynamics of diverse wetland landscapes in Iceland, and the utility of smart sensors in monitoring water levels, soil moisture across a wetland site in southeast Iceland.

Principle Investigators: Kathy Young