Student Achievements

Since January 2014, the following students have successfully defended their theses and research papers.

Major Achievements

Who What
Syeda AbbasMAThe Role of University, Industry, and Government in Economic Development: A Preliminary Report on Some Proposed Ontario University Campuses
Marshia AkbarPhDDoes Workplace Matter? Identities and Experiences of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women Operating Businesses in Toronto
Olalekan BalogunMScMeasurement of Atmospheric Concentration of CO2 in the Hudson Bay Lowlands: An Application of a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model (STILT)
Kevin BoiragiMAWhy Gher Cannot Serve as a Climate Change Adaptation Model: A Case Study on Shrimp-Rice Intercropping in Joymoni, Mongla, Bangladesh
Robert BridiPhDUnveiling the Nature of the Labour Process in Tobacco Farming: Migrant Agricultural Workers in South-Western Ontario
Julian Gutierrez CastanoMAInternalized Racism Among Mestizas: The Geographies of Racial Relations in the Public Spaces of Pereira, Colombia
Narmeen HashimMAThe Paint Marks the Place: The Mural Art of Resistance in Oakland, California
Ei Phyu (Han) SmithPhDTo Build a Home: The Material Cultures, Gender Relations and the Cultivation of Meaning by Karen Refugees from Burma
Robert FiedlerPhDRethinking Toronto's Middle Landscape: Spaces of Planning, Contestation, and Negotiation
Ryan HackettPhD"Corporations Gone Wild": Conservation Offsets and Resource Development in Alberta's Boreal Region
David HugillPhDThe Urban Politics of Settler-Colonialism: Articulations of the Colonial Relation in Postwar Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1945-1975 (And Beyond)
Don LeffersPhDPolitics of Land Developers and Development in the Toronto Region: An Institutional Approach
Dylann McLeanPhDNot just clowning around: Clown characters and the Transgressive Transformation of Urban Space
Jordan NicolaidesMAThird places as Alternative Spaces of Cultural Production and Consumption in the Neoliberal Creative City
Colin O'NeilMAProtecting the Peel: Environmental conservation in the age of First Nations self-government, An examination of conservation in Yukon’s Peel Watershed
Daniel PorteousMScAn Experiment Assessing the Potential for Compost-Amended Lawn Topsoil to Inhibit Storm Quickflow
Janine RosePhDImmigrant Identities and Geographies of Belonging: Jamaican Immigrant Organizations in Toronto
Patrick ShumanMScThe Dominance of Cyanobacteria in Ponds of the Hudson Bay Lowlands and the Limiting Factors to their Growth
Gayla WeeksMScClimate Change and the Fate of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the MacKenzie Delta, NWT.

Other Good News

Who What
Kimberly RobertsPhDNu-Thanlwin-Salween Basin fellowship,
Center for Social Development Studies at Chulalongkorn University,
in association with CGIAR Water-Land-Ecosystems project and Australian Aid.
David HugillPhD2015 Paul Simpson-Housley Award for her dissertation entitled "The Urban Politics of Settler-Colonialism: Articulations of the colonial relation in postwar Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1945-1975 (And beyond)"
Daniel PorteousMScSecond place in the TRIECA poster competition, 2016
Alexie FelipeMA2015 Paul Simpson-Housley Award for his thesis entitled "Small-Scale Mining on Mt. Balabag: Examining Class Dynamics and Socioeconomic Mobility"
Michael FraschettiMA2016 Ross Hunter Paterson Award