Recent Theses and Dissertations

The following is a list of recent dissertations and theses completed at York Graduate Geography.

2014-2017 Completed Ph.D. Dissertations


Akbar, MarshiaDoes Workplace Matter? Identities and Experiences of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women Operating Business in Toronto
Araya, YikaloCharacterizing the Spatial Patterns and Spatially Explicit Probabilities of Post-Fire Vegetation Residual Patches in Boreal Wildfires Scars.
Arik, HulyaSecular Bodyscapes: Corporeal and Emotional Intersections of Security and Secularism in the Turkish Military
Bridi, RobertUnveiling the Nature of the Labour Process in Tobacco Farming: Migrant Agricultural Workers in South-Western Ontario
Bocking, PaulUnderstanding the Neoliberalization of Education through Spaces of Labour Autonomy.
Brogan, PeterOur Union, Our City: Urban Change and Rank and File Rebellion in Chicago and New York City
Dupej, SusanAn Everyday Approach to Agritourism Production in Southern Ontario
Fiedler, RobertRethinking Toronto's Middle Landscape: Spaces of Planning, Contestation, and Negotiation
Hackett, RyanPetro-Power and Progressive Permutations: Conservation Offsets, Oil Sands, and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation
Smith (Han), Ei PhyuTo Build a Home: The Material Cultures, Gender Relations and the Cultivation of Meaning by Karen Refugees from Burma
Hugill, DavidThe Urban Politics of Settler-Colonialism: Articulations of the Colonial Relation in Postwar Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1945-1975 (And Beyond)
Jackson, SaraBuilding a Mineral Nation? The Oyu Tolgoi Copper-Gold Mine and Contested Infrastructure Development in Mongolia
Kowalski, JeremyIn and Out of Place: Islamitic Domestic Extremism and the case of the "Toronto 18".
Lamb, VanessaEcologies of Rule and Resistance: making knowledge, borders, and environmental governance at the river.
Leffers, DonPolitics of Land Developers and Development in the Toronto Region: An Institutional Approach
MacDonald, KatieRupununi Imaginaries.
Massé, FrancisSecuring Conservation: The Politics of Anti-Poaching and Conservation Law Enforcement in Mozambique
McLean, DylannNot just clowning around: Clown characters and the Transgressive Transformation of Urban Space
McLean, JamesMaps of Belonging: Muslims in Halifax.
Rose, JanineImmigrant Identities and Geographies of Belonging: Jamaican Immigrant Organizations in Toronto.
Shrimali, RitikaSpaces of Corporate Control in Agriculture: A Critical Study of Contract Farming in the Indian State of Punjab.
Sotomayor Melo, DiegoDirect and Indirect Consequences of Dominant Plants in Arid Environments
Youdelis, MeganPost-Politicization of Participation in Neoliberal Conservation: Cases from Canada and Thailand.

2016-2017 Completed M.A. and M.Sc. Theses/Major Papers

Theses and Major Research Papers

Name Title
Abbas, SyedaMAThe Role of University, Industry, and Government in Economic Development: A Preliminary Report on Some Proposed Ontario University Campuses
Ariai, SarahMAThe Reality of Neoliberal Sustainability: An Examination of the West Don Lands, Toronto
Balogun, OlalekanMScMeasurement of Atmospheric Concentration of CO2 in the Hudson Bay Lowlands: An Application of a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model (STILT)
Boiragi, KevinMAWhy Gher Cannot Serve as a Climate Change Adaptation Model: A Case Study on Shrimp-Rice Intercropping in Joymoni, Mongla, Bangladesh
Fraschetti, MichaelMAWhite Nepotism: Interrogating “Corporate Culture” in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area Labour Market
Gutierrez Castano, JulianMAInternalized Racism Among Mestizas: The Geographies of Racial Relations in the Public Spaces of Pereira, Colombia
Hashim, NarmeenMAThe Paint Marks the Place: The Mural Art of Resistance in Oakland, California
Mabry, ShaunMASecuritization, Criminalization, and Biopolitics: A Legal Geography of Asylum in the United States
McWhirter, RenéeMAConservation, Consumption, and Livelihoods: Contradictions in conservation projects and audiences in Vietnam
Merhar, AmeliaMAMoving Home: The Art and Embodiment of Transience among Youth Emerging from Canada's Child Welfare System
Nicolaides, JordanMAThird Places as Alternative Spaces of Cultural Production and Consumption in the Neoliberal Creative City
O'Neil, ColinMAProtecting the Peel: Environmental conservation in the age of First Nations self-government, An examination of conservation in Yukon’s Peel Watershed
Porteous, DanielMScAn Experiment Assessing the Potential for Compost-Amended Lawn Topsoil to Inhibit Storm Quickflow
Scheffel, HaroldMScThe Hydrology of a Sandur-Wetland in a Volcanic Environment, Southeast Iceland
Shuman, PatrickMScThe Dominance of Cyanobacteria in Ponds of the Hudson Bay Lowlands and the Limiting Factors to their Growth.
Stevens, MatthewMASocial Networks and Humanitarian Aid among Urban Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Waddington, LeeMAIs Coal Still Our Life? Working-Class Men, Masculinities, and Memories of Deindustrialization in a South Yorkshire Coal Mining Borough, 1984-1994 
Wagner, KyleMAConservation in Focus: Capturing the Payments for Ecosystem Service (PES) Scheme through Ecotourism and Camera-Traps in Laos
Watson, VictoriaMAPerceptions of Water among the Inuit Community in Iqaluit, Nunavut: An Anti-Colonialist, Feminist Political Ecology
Weeks, GaylaMScClimate Change and the Fate of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the MacKenzie Delta, NWT.

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