Welcome to the Graduate Program in Geography at York University!

With an international reputation for critical scholarship, York’s Geography Department is a leader in migration and settlement, urban geography, political economy and political ecology, feminist geography, and the physical geography of northern and extreme environments. Our faculty members publish regularly in, and serve in an editorial capacity for, high-profile disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals. Graduates from our program have taken up diverse careers, including academic positions, work in the private sector, government, for NGOs, and even politics, in areas such as environment, immigration and refugee work, labour, education, urban planning, peacebuilding, and more. To see a sample of what some of our graduates are doing, please see the alumni section of our website.

Ideally situated the rich intellectual environment of York University, and the stimulating cosmopolitan city of Toronto, our program gives students access to research, seminars, reading groups, scholarship opportunities, and communities both inside and outside the campus. Our program gives students a launch pad to be on the cutting edge of their discipline. We are excited for you to join them.