The usual prerequisite for admission to the Ph.D. program in Geography is a Master’s degree in Geography with at least a B+ average. However, the Graduate Program in Geography will consider exceptional students with a Master’s degree in other fields.

Doctorate of Philosophy

Students registered as Ph.D. I or II Candidates must attend and participate in Geography 5011 1.0: Graduate Colloquium. In addition to Geography 5011 1.0, students must successfully complete five half-courses or equivalent.  These will include Geography 5010 3.0, either Geography 5208 3.0 or Geography 5600 3.0, and Geography 5025 3.0 if no equivalent graduate level course was completed previously.  If a student has already taken 5010 3.0, Geography 5025 3.0, Geography 5600 3.0, or a graduate level equivalent to Geography 5025 3.0, the supervisory committee will recommend alternative courses.   If a student does not enroll in Geography 5025 3.0 because an equivalent has been completed in another graduate program, then the student is required to complete an additional elective course to make up the five half courses.  Courses are selected by candidates with the help of their advisors and at least 3 of the 5 half courses must be offered by the Geography program. A reading course may not be counted as one of the 3 Geography courses. Doctoral students may take a maximum of one reading course. Comprehensive examinations on those aspect of geography and cognate disciplines deemed necessary to the general field in which the candidate is working. Normally three areas are included and the examinations take place during the second year of candidacy.

Presentation and defence of a Dissertation Proposal

Presentation and defence of a dissertation embodying the results of original research.

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