Graduate students in Geography are provided with an office, access to computer resources, and specialized work space as required. The Department operates a modern undergraduate-graduate teaching computer lab in conjunction with a graduate research computer lab; graduate students have unrestricted access to both. These labs include peripheral hardware for printing, digitizing, and scanning in conjunction with specialized software suites including ArcGIS, MapInfo, PCI Geomatica, and various statistics applications. All machines operate in the Windows environment and are connected to the university's Novell network. Additionally, graduates have access to a fully equipped water and soil chemistry lab and a fieldwork preparation lab aimed at physical geography research.

York University has excellent reference and map library facilities with extensive holdings in both geography and cognate fields. Additional access to specialized reference and archival resources are available from the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, the Metropolitan Toronto Central Reference Library, and the archives of the Provincial Government.

Specialized research laboratories are also operated by some faculty members to conduct their own research; these are facilities often made available to graduates working in those same fields. These laboratories include Andre Robert's hydraulic flume, Kathy Young's hydrology lab, Tarmo Remmel's geoinformatics laboratory, Taly Drezner's plant geography lab, Rick Bello's climatology lab, and Qiuming Cheng's geomatics laboratory.

Please refer to Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies - Geography Facilities.