Graduate Student Publications

Books and Refereed Journals

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2017. Vanessa Lamb, Laura Schoenberger, Carl Middleton & Borin 
Un. “Gendered eviction, protest and recovery: a feminist political ecology engagement with land grabbing in rural Cambodia”, The Journal of Peasant Studies, DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2017.1311868

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2017. Laura Schoenberger. “Struggling against excuses: winning back land in Cambodia”, The Journal of Peasant Studies, 44 (4): 870-890.

Link (Schoenberger 2017):

2017. Laura Schoenberger & Alice Beban. “What is academic research on the Cambodian frontier?”, Critical Asian Studies, 49 (3): 437-440.

Link (Schoenberger & Beban 2017):

Peter Vandergeest (Geography) and Laura Schoenberger (Geography) edited a special issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies, “Southeast Asian Perspectives on Agrarian-Environmental Transformations.”  Reflecting concerns arising at the intersection of Southeast Asian studies and land grab studies, the papers in this collection make pertinent connections between recent studies of land grabbing and longstanding concerns of scholars of agrarian and environmental transformations (AET). Authors in this collection were asked to consider how broader AET processes may be brought more clearly into focus by decentring land grabbing. The complete special issue will be open-access for the remainder of 2017. Read more at

Stevens, M. (2016) The collapse of social networks among Syrian refugees in urban Jordan, Contemporary Levant, 1:1, 51-63, DOI: 10.1080/20581831.2016.1153358

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Youdelis, M. (Forthcoming, 2017). Austerity Politics and the Post-Politicization of
Conservation Governance in Canada. Conservation and Society




Vladimir Diaz-Cuellar.  2017. Articles published by important national newspapers (Página Siete, El Día) on the conclusions of my research (published as a journal article “The political economy of mining in Bolivia during the government of the Movement Towards Socialism (2006-2015)”).

Vladimir Diaz-Cuellar.  2017. Interview on the important national radio station Radio Fides on the conclusions of my research (published as a journal article “The political economy of mining in Bolivia during the government of the Movement Towards Socialism (2006-2015)”).

Vladimir Diaz-Cuellar. 2017. Interviews on some local channels in Potosí on the conclusions of my research (published as a journal article “The political economy of mining in Bolivia during the government of the Movement Towards Socialism (2006-2015)”).

Dennler, K. 2016 The Politics of Mobility on Lesvos, Greece: A Critical Scholarly View from The Beach, The Camp, and The City. Refugee Watch, (48), 34-48.

Chaya Ocampo Go.  The Alitaptap Collective: - Kenneth Cardenas, Ziggy Chanco and I convened this collective through the York Centre for Asian Research in January 2017, and we continue to build on multiple initiatives together. One of them is a series of video podcasts which I conducted interviews for, designed by Alex Felipe. We presented on these videos on ongoing 'disasters' in Duterte's Philippines at the recent CCSEAS conference.

Francis Massé. Community Participation is Needed for More Effective Anti-Poaching - The Conversation

Merhar, Amelia.

Merhar, Amelia.

Merhar, Amelia.

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