Research Centres

Opportunities exist for students to take courses outside the Program that will enhance their graduate studies. Courses offered by the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Graduate Programs in Sociology, Social Anthropology, Political Science, History, and Women's Studies are of interest to many students in urban, economic, historical, cultural, and social geography. Courses offered by the Graduate Program in Biology and in Earth and Space Science are of particular interest to students in biogeography.

Graduate students find that the activities of many organized research units at York University enrich their studies. Recently, graduate students have been affiliated with:

Several research centres administer graduate diplomas that enable students to establish specialization in a region or substantive topic.  The program also maintains a close connection with the Institute for Social Research which offers short courses in various aspects of survey research and statistics.

The Teaching Commons at York University offers workshops for teaching assistants and other courses that enhance students' teaching qualifications. We encourage all doctoral students to complete the University Teaching Practicum that is a self-directed programme of professional development in university teaching and learned designed for graduate students.